We are BandHouse Gigs


BandHouse Gigs, founded in 2004 by local Bethesda musicians and producers Ronnie Newmyer, Chuck Sullivan, David Sless, Greg Hardin, and Danny Schwartz, is the DC area’s premier producer of one-of-a-kind tribute concerts, bringing together scores of acclaimed local and regional acts to perform works drawn from iconic artists and influential musical movements.

Past concerts have included tributes to Nils Lofgren, Joni Mitchell, Woodstock, the British Invasion, Paul Simon, and Rod Stewart among others. These tributes also serve to shine a light on the area’s diverse and richly talented musicians, putting them on top notch concert stages in front of attentive audiences. This collaboration also includes writers, graphic artists, videographers, photographers, make-up artists, lighting designers, marketing professionals, and audio engineers. Together we are the BandHouse Team and we know that you make it all possible.

BandHouse Gigs is a not-for-profit entity and is a regular contributor to Hungry For Music, a non-profit that provides musical instruments to underprivileged children, as well as a supporter of Hope Line, a non-profit initiative to help with addiction treatment.

Here is the BandHouse Team!

Stage Management: Greg Hardin, Paul Pisciotta, Ken Farren, Spencer Hoopes, Jim Clatterbuck, Gina Cocco, Andy Roberts Drew Holland, and Mike Dove
Merchandise: Dan Moskowitz
Volunteer Coordination: Desi Farren
Backstage Hospitality: Lorraine Birks
Graphic Design: Dick Bangham and RipBang Pictures
Hair & Make-up: Barbara Roybal and Beauty at Your Door, LLC
Video Crew: John Collins, Suzanne Hickey, Terry McArdle, Miles Roberts, and Happy Medium Productions:
Contributing Photographers: Linda Parker, Kenny Reff, Bill Bronrott, Beth Harrison
Marketing Support: Mark Walston, Deb Schwartz
Stage Props: Andrea and Tom Hostedler & Showsites
Community Support: Mike Schreibman and the Washington Area Music Association
Contributing Writers: Richard Harrington, Eve Zibert, Mark Walston
Recording Engineers: Stuart Martin, Tom Lofgren, Tom Lepson, John Penovitch
Volunteers: Keith Jones, Lisa Sullivan, Janet Garbe, Adam Moscowitz, Wendy Everett, Cheryl Debois, Carrie Moy, and a host of others.

Check out the History page for a more in depth history and mission statement for BandHouse Gigs.



A BandHouse Gigs Tribute to Stevie Wonder

by BandHouse Gigs